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  1. User Accounts

    1. Only one login account is allowed per member throughout the website. Registering with multiple accounts is prohibited. Users with multiple accounts will have all of their accounts deleted if they violate this rule.

  2. Conduct

    1. ALL members will police themselves and each other in an appropriate, “common sense” manner. If someone gets out of line, handle it at the lowest level. If that fails, let an admin know.

    2. The following conduct is prohibited:

      • Rudeness/disrespect towards other members

      • Discrimination of any kind.

      • Personal attacks, insults, threats, inflammatory statements.

  3. Disputing Moderator/Admin Decisions

    1. Be respectful to our admins and moderators. Do not publicly contest or question the integrity of our admin/moderator decisions. It is counterproductive and distracting to the discussion.

    2. If you would like clarification or to dispute a decision, please message a moderator privately and we will assist you as soon as possible.

  4. Post Content

    1. General Post Content

      1. The following post content is prohibited:

        • Off topic posts (such as marijuana, hookah, e-cigs, drug related, etc.)

        • Politically and/or religiously insulting posts

        • Sexually explicit/graphic posts

        • Violating intellectual property

        • Any illegal activity

    2. Commercial Activity

      1. Commercial posts and links are prohibited on the forum and in forum/profile signatures. Commercial posts and links are defined as anything with the intent of promoting, or drawing customers to a particular business or personal venture. This includes links to personal/business websites, blogs, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Twitter accounts, or any other landing page outside of

      2. The private messaging feature may not be used for solicitation of any kind.

      3. Members are not allowed to promote contests, raffles, or giveaways of any kind. Such posts will be immediately deleted and the offending members account will be subject to deletion.

  5.  Buy, Sell, Trade Rules 

    1.  Minimum Requirements for posting items for buy, sell, or trade. 

      1. At least 100 posts​

      2. At least 5 months of membership 

      3. Active membership (must have been active within 30 days prior to posting)

    2. Briar Nation and is not responsible for any activity that takes place on the forum. Membership of Briar Nation constitutes understanding and agreement that you, the individual conducting the transaction, are solely responsible for the outcome. Participate at your own risk! If another member does not fullfill their side of deal, it is your responsibility to resolve it and make the rest of the BN community aware of it. Please be advised, that BN has no responsibility to resolve the dispute. 

Free shipping on orders over $30

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